My artistic vision is tethered directly to my experiences and observations of the natural world.  The real is not an anchor, but rather the origin of an idea which is lifted by inspiration, imagination, and interpretation.  The abstract landscape imagery that I depict emerges from personal exploration and revelation while spending time in a variety of outdoor environments. The work becomes metaphoric, reflecting common rhythms and analogous truths.  As all things are in a state of flux, I portray multiple perspectives, and I choreograph the arrangement of repetitive elements to convey a sense of energy. I am interested in enigmatic figure/ground relationships that speak of transformation and the unknown.


“Dawn Lee’s artwork is based on the observation of nature, in looking deeply, observing carefully, and tuning into her source material on a personal level.  She examines nature to get an understanding of it physically and structurally, and then she internalizes and transforms that information, and filters it through specific experiences and sensations… In her work, I see an elegant clarity of a distilled experience expressed like a poem.”

- Lorena Salcedo-Watson, Artist, Master Printer