I am an artist intrigued by the creation of two-dimensional imagery.  Most of my artwork is derived at through techniques involving painting, drawing, and printmaking.  My artistic vision is defined by a passionate commitment to art, nature, and outdoor experiences.  The abstract landscape imagery that I depict emerges from personal exploration and revelation.  Observing nature allows me to discover the world around me.  Kayaking, hiking, and backpacking in wild places has been a great source of inspiration.  I view my life as holistically as possible and it is essential that I integrate my interests in art, my passion for nature, and the values that I have established through experience and contemplation.  Nature presents information in profound ways.  I find it valuable to slow down and deliberately stray from literal representation.  The resulting work becomes metaphoric, reflecting common rhythms and analogous truths; it may explore a single thought or a full narrative.  Subjects for my images are based in the natural world, and their portrayal often refers to the integrity of form within an environment and explores concepts of transcendence.

My formal interest lies in figure/ground relationships and the visual realization of form.  Equally important is an active 2-dimensional surface that speaks openly of the techniques and media by which it was created.  I enjoy engaging in simple processes of mark making, activating a field in which I investigate the exchange between form and field.  My subjects and process join to convey a sense of energy.

-Dawn Lee